Nick Foster Driving Instructor Denovo Driving Tuition Peterborough

Hi, I’m Nick, Hampton resident for the last 10 years but lived in Peterborough all my adult life. Retired from Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service after 26 years of service recently. The reason I decided to become a driving instructor was within my role within the Fire and Rescue Service, I’d spent a lot of my time in the training department and so it seemed like a good fit because I had loads of transferable skills that I could take into the new role. The qualities I think I bring to the role as a driving instructor are I’m patient, fairly laid back, but I’ve spent a lot of my career looking at standards and competence so put that all together and I think that’s the perfect fit.

My advice to a learner driver in preparation for a test would be practice and practice as much as they can outside of the car, so with mum and dad or, you know, siblings and just make sure that when they go to take the test they are actually ready and obviously as their driving instructor I will assist all the way in that process.

I think learner drivers should learn to drive with Denovo because we offer competent driving skills we’ll make drivers safe, not just while they’re driving with us, but for life, so, post their time with Denovo. We’re a small company that has excellent local knowledge around Peterborough, so package all that together and that’s why I would see Denovo being the driving school of choice.