Richard Dormer Driving Instructor Denovo Driving Tuition Peterborough Introduction

My name is Richard, I live towards Boston. I tend to operate in the Boston-Spaulding area, I like to have a bit of a laugh with people. The thing I enjoy most as driving instructor I think is just meeting new people every time. You can have people doing multiple things in a day, so you’re not getting bored with the same repetitive things happening and you kind of feel like you’re actually making a different in the world as well.

Some of the biggest challenges for learner drivers while preparing for their test, there’s multiple things, it depends purely on the pupil themselves. You can have people that are easily distracted, you can have people that are easily taken out of their comfort zone. It could even be the general public on the road, sometimes pupils in particular areas, they’re not liked at all and they can get a bit of flack from the general public, so it’s a case of trying to keep them calm.

Three key points for pupils I would say firstly, never assume that you’re perfect there’s always room to improve. Always stay calm, if somebody tried to aggravate you on the road at all, just take a deep breath, just get past it, let them go and do what they’re doing and get out of your way. And to just plan ahead, you know, try to get full night’s sleep before driving, don’t go on an empty stomach, don’t go whilst angry, tired, dehydrated, things like that really.

In my opinion Denovo is different from other driving schools because we go the extra mile, our pupils aren’t just a digit on a piece of paper, you are a person. We build friendships with our pupils, we want them to not only pass their test, but want to be a safe part of the road, We want to try and improve the driving standards in the country and our pupils want to be basically the flagships leading the way.