John Penny Introduces Denovo Driving Tuition Peterborough

My name is John Penny, I live and work in Peterborough. I set up Denovo Driving Tuition 14 years ago, with the specific aim to try and raise the standards of the industry and make the industry a little bit more professional. We help our learner drivers achieve success by offering a customer service which is second-to-none and we do specialise in helping clients that have had bad experiences with their precious instructors.

The top-quality customer service; we’re very proud that as a business we’ve got more Google 5-star reviews than any other driving schools in Peterborough and an independent comparison website called The Three Best Rated has picked us as number one of the 3 best rated schools in Peterborough. And this is based on their 50-point inspection, which includes checking everything from checking reputation, history, complaints, reviews, satisfaction and trust with regards to general excellence. So, we are in position 1 of the 3 best schools in Peterborough.

Something unique about the business, the pass rate for learners in the UK passing a driving test is only 47%. My pass rate in 2013 and 2015 was 100% and you can verify that by looking on the website, because it’s a DVSA fault analysis report form.

The driving instructor training side of the business is really interesting. So, I’ve been training driving instructors for 10 years now and it’s a brilliant career, it’s not right for everybody, but if somebody had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, if they had a passion for teaching, they might be looking at the opportunity of becoming self-employed, they might want to take control of their own life. So, they can choose the hours and times and days that they work, so they have the complete autonomy to do what they want when they want. Then driving instructor as a career might be a brilliant career opportunity and we can help them to develop that skill.

The corporate driver training division of the business is really interesting. We help businesses to train and support their company employees. So, existing health and safety legislation means that if a company is then employing a company driver driving a company car on company business, they should be managing that work-related road safety. So, for corporate-social responsibility and to try and avoid worst case scenario of happening, we try to be proactive and encourage the companies to provide training for their corporate drivers. So, it’s full licence holder company driver training.

Message to a potential client would be, we’re very proud of our customer reviews, so please don’t hesitate to browse our customer reviews. We are trying to provide training that’s fit-for-purpose, good value for money and a good return on your investment. So, you can chat with us, you can text, email, you can phone and you can find us on Facebook. So, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll do our best to help you and support you. So, thanks for watching the video and thanks for listening.