RoSPA has identified that, after deep sea fishing and coal mining, driving 25,000 miles a year on business is the most life-threatening activity we undertake – more dangerous than working in construction.

Can you answer all of these questions about your drivers and vehicles?

  • What’s the annual mileage of your drivers?
  • How do you manage work-related road safety?
  • How are you identifying that the driver and the vehicle are fit for purpose? Where are they now?  Where do they need to be?
  • Vehicle checked. Licence checked. Driver and driving ability checked?
  • Evaluating risks on the road. How are you providing general induction training for your drivers?
  • How are you evaluating your drivers that are at the highest risk? (e.g. 60k miles per annum: already accrued 9 points?)
  • How safe are your drivers? How many points are on their licence? What is their attitude? How are they managing their vehicle maintenance checks?
  • Are your drivers capable of driving safely in a way that is safe for them and other people?
  • How do you evaluate your drivers’ different training needs periodically? (Annual mileage 12k-30k, 30k-60k, 60k+)
  • Do you know how many traffic collisions involve somebody at work every week?
  • How many incidents have you had in your business in the last twelve months?
  • What are the implications to the business?
  • What are the existing guidelines from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regarding driving at work?
  • Who do you think might be affected by existing Corporate Manslaughter legislation?
  • What do you need to do?
  • What are the benefits to the company when you invest in the training?
  • What are the possible implications, costs and consequences to your business if you do not invest in the training?

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