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John Penny Introduces Corporate Driver Training

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Francis MacKenzie. Cubex Contracts; Customer Testimonial

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Customer Feed Back; City College Peterborough; Julie Shortland, Facilities Manager

Corporate Driver Training – Introduction to Renault Zoe (electric automatic pool car) 

What made you decide to go ahead with the training?

As an organisation we felt that it was important that we had offered the staff an opportunity to receive professional training before driving the new electric company car. This would ensure staff confidence and competence and potentially safeguard both the staff and the organisation from possible incidents or accidents.

What went well with the training?

The driving skills coach was interested to know what the objectives of the staff training were and to meet these. He was professional approachable and easily put the most nervous of the staff at ease. We agreed a plan which was kept to and when one member of staff was unable to attend on the day the trainer was flexible and able to accommodate them on another day at short notice. When questioned, all of the staff that attended the training had enjoyed the experience and felt confident that they could drive the new vehicle without any difficulty going forward.

How has the training helped your team to develop their understanding?

Staff that undertook the training all drive manual cars. The training helped them understand how to operate an automatic, electric car. They learned a little about how electric cars differ to a combustion engine vehicle and also how to charge the vehicle.

Would you be happy to recommend the training?


On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is great, how would you rate the training?


What could we have done better to improve the training?

Nothing obvious comes to mind.

Would you like to make any comments about the training?

The training was easy to organise, professionally delivered and met all of our organisations objectives. We would definitely use Denovo again if the need arose.