Facts For Young Drivers

Denovo have pulled together a number of facts which young drivers should be aware of and allow for in their early driving career.

Brain Development

A recent study suggests that the region of the brain that restricts risky behaviour is not fully formed until the age of 25 and this can affect the way a young person drives their car. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


CALL U BK? A 20 year old driver on a mobile has the same reactions as a seventy year old………… Texting and talking whilst you drive are not only illegal but they cause drivers to kill themselves and their passengers. THINK !!!

If yo are caughtu passed your driving test in the last 2 years, you’ll lose your licence and will have to retaqke your test and also suffer much higher costs for insurance. THINK!!!

Insight From A Firefighter

December 2004 where a young newly qualified driver had entered a bend incorrectly, and due to a number of factors, was unable to regain control of her vehicle. She impacted with an oak tree and her vehicle disintegrated.

We were the first emergency crews in attendance and my role that evening was one of ‘casualty carer’.

This meant climbing inside what was left of the wrecked car to maintain the casualty’s airway and provide what reassurance I could.

Being trapped inside the car with the casualty does bring a certain bond and connection with the individual. As I stroked the hair from her eyes and provided a comforting one-sided conversation, I knew her chances weren’t good but couldn’t give up hope.

Once extricated from her vehicle, she was taken to a specialist brain hospital.

Sadly, a few days later, we heard that her brain-stem count was irreversible and her parents had taken the unenviable decision which no parent should ever have to make, and switched off her life support machine.

She died three days before Christmas!

Steve Lintott (Fire-fighter…West Sussex)

Mobile Phones

At 70mph your car travels the length of six double-decker buses every two seconds. If someone told you to close your eyes at that speed for that length of time you’d think they were crazy – yet people are doing virtually the same thing by taking their eyes off the road to look at phones.


Drivers Aged 18 - 24

48% use a smartphone while driving

24% access social media sites

21% text while driving

8% play games while driving

14% claim they’re perfectly safe using their mobile while driving


How Many Hours?

The average student will spend over 200 hours working towards a foreign language GCSE. After leaving school, most will never speak that foreign language again.

The average Grade 8 music student will have had over 250 hours of lessons. After leaving school, most will never play again.

The average young driver will receive only 40 hours of lessons with an instructor. After passing their driving test, most will drive on a regular basis for the rest of their lives.


The AA