The purpose of this eye tracking video is to help you to develop your knowledge of a technique that you will be practising with your Driving Skills Coach called “scanning and planning”.

During the early stages of your driving, you will be focussing with your eyes on two keys areas:

  1. The road ahead (checking your position and checking for hazards)
  2. The speedometer (checking your speed)

Your eye movement will continuously be moving up and down and then repeatedly up and down again.

Please feel free to watch this short video and see the other key areas that you will need to check to ensure that you will be safe and that you can identify any potential hazards which may cause you to change speed or change direction.

It will take time to develop these skills and your Driving Skills Coach will be there to help and support you during your training sessions, as your basic skills begin to develop.

How many different points do you think you will have to keep checking in total?


This video was produced by DriverMetrics® and was originally shown on Linkedin. We have attached some details about the company to give you some background information.

DriverMetrics® was established at Cranfield University in 2005, to make academic research into fleet driver safety more widely available. Today, our portfolio of driver profiling tools, together with integrated eLearning, workshop and driver coaching training interventions are benchmarked, translated and used worldwide by hundreds of businesses including Unilever, Mercedes Benz, RSA, Balfour Beatty, Greyhound Bus and Shell.