Nick Foster Driving Instructor Explains Why Denovo Driving Tuition Peterborough Is Different

Hi, I’m Nick, I’m a driving instructor with Denovo Driving Tuition. The reason I joined the team at Denovo was once I qualified I looked around and I wanted to see what was going to be the best fit for me and Denovo seems to sort of tick all the boxes. They’re a local driving school, so they have that years of knowledge of driving in and around the Peterborough area, which was important. They have very high standards, which, again is, coming from the industry I can from, was really important to me. And financially it was a very attractive proposition. So, again, looking at all of those things together that’s the reason I chose Denovo.

The reason I didn’t go with the large national driving schools was, to me they seemed quite faceless and I wasn’t sure about the level of support I would get post-qualification, I just didn’t see it. So, again, that’s why once I qualified when I looked around, Denovo stood out for me.

The continued support I get from Denovo happens in a variety of ways. Mostly, I get face-to-face time with John who has been really good in delivering all that experience he’s got, and distilling it into me, which is fantastic and you sort of can’t put a price on that. But also, we interact with each other as a group, so sharing things like, maybe test routes or maybe even something that’s happened on a lesson that’s never happened to another one of the instructors and we’re able to share that experience with each other.

The Denovo monthly team meetings have been really important in gelling the team together, because I’m new to the team where we’ve got another member who’s about to join the team. So, from that point of view we’re able to sit, share, share across ideas, not only within the team but look what’s happening externally, nationally. I mean there’s lots of changes about to come up to both the driving test and the instructor’s qualification test, that we’re able to pool our resources almost, the old adage is, you know, several heads are better than one is very true in this case.

If there’s an instructor out there considering joining the Denovo team, my first thing would be to say come and have a look at us, we have the monthly team meeting, you’re able to come along, meet the team. I do recognise it’s a purely personal decision, but I think they’ll like what they find and if you want to sort of join a team that’s committed to quality and delivering excellence, come and have a look at Denovo.