The myths about driving test passes include:

  • The examiners are not allowed to pass too many learners because they have quotas to reach!
  • The examiners pass one and then fail one!
  • I knew the examiner was going to fail me as soon as they got in the car!

These are a small example of some of the numerous conspiracy theories and Chinese whispers that surround the outcome of learner driver tests in the UK.

The facts are:

  • All examiners are monitored using monthly and quarterly reports
  • Examiners are appraised on test
  • Examiners are appraised regarding complaints
  • Examiners are appraised on customer service and how they communicate with pupils and instructors
  • Complaints are logged, registered and investigated

Examiners are also evaluated on:

  • Pass rate variances against the office average
  • Instances where the examiners have to ‘take action’
  • Failure rates (high/low variances)
  • Routes selected

Furthermore, senior managers use Performance Management Development Reports to evaluate the examiners and if there are any issues or concerns at a local level, we can communicate our concerns to the Test Centre manager.

The examiner’s role is to evaluate your driving. They are not there to trick you or to try to catch you out. You simply need to demonstrate a competence to drive safely, unsupervised.

If you drive to the required standard, you will pass your test.