What’s the difference between Driving Skills and Driver Behaviour?

The way you behave as a driver is influenced by your thoughts and feelings! 

Drink Driving

Young men aged 16-24 are more likely to die from an alcohol-related road traffic collision

The Importance Of Checking Your Tyres.

The fact is many of us just take our tyres for granted don’t we?

Driver Education

Driver education is much wider than driver training, as it aims to address the key issues which increase crash involvement.

Driving Test Pass Rates – The Myths

These are a small example of some of the numerous conspiracy theories and Chinese whispers that surround the outcome of learner driver tests in the UK.

Learning To Drive; The Process

Learner Drivers; Crash Involvement

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DVSA Learning To Drive Guide

Young Drivers; RAC Report Summary

DVSA Annual Report 2018-19

Hands Free Phone Use Whilst Driving

DVSA Response to Media Reports about L Test Pass Rates

L Test Pass Rates

Biker Awareness

Proactive Vehicle Safety Checks

Who Are The Safest Drivers In The World?

Driver Error Is The Main Cause Of Collisions

Killed and seriously injured.

Merge In Turn or Zip Merging

Fake Customer Reviews

Top One Percent

Driving Test Changes: December 2017