When was the last time you checked your tyres?

How are your tyre pressures?

How are your tread depths?

When was the last time you carried out a visual inspection of your tyres to ensure that their general condition is safe to use?

The fact is many of us just take our tyres for granted don’t we?

Why do so many of us neglect to carry out safety-critical checks on the only part of the car that:

  • Is in contact with the road
  • Makes the car move off
  • Makes the car slow and stop
  • Steers the car

Tyres keep us safe!

The following article from March 2017, demonstrates the potential fatal consequences of not being vigilant and managing our tyre safety.

“On Thursday 20 February 2020, 22-year-old Megan Byrne was travelling to her hometown in her car. She had been staying with her boyfriend in Manchester and was on her way to visit some friends for lunch. From there she was going to see her mum. Megan had just qualified as a primary school teacher, and this week was half-term.

The weather on Elton Road at Belthorn was poor, with high winds, sleet and rain. As Megan approached a left-hand bend, she lost control of her car. It crossed into the opposite lane, and collided with a large family car. Emergency services, including Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire Constabulary were soon in attendance. However, the impact of the crash was so severe Megan died at the scene.

Police collision investigators confirmed that Megan was driving within the speed limit and was wearing a seat belt at the time. However, two of the tyres on Megan’s car were underinflated, a major contributory factor in the crash”.

How long would it take you to go and check the condition of your tyres right now?

Be safe!