Driving skills consist of two main elements.  

  • Your ability to physically control your vehicle using your hands and feet. With sufficient practice, it’s relatively easy to develop these psychomotor skills.
  • You then develop your cognitive skills such as awareness and anticipation.

What are you thinking about? What are you planning to do? These skills are developed through many hours of driving and enhanced through years of experience.

Driver behaviour is how you choose to drive your car and interact with other road users based on your personality, what you believe and how you’re feeling. 

Many incidents can be attributed to poor driver behaviour. Typical behaviours that increase risk include:

  • A bad decision. For example, deliberately driving through a red light
  • Losing concentration and paying insufficient attention to other road users
  • Inappropriate use of speed
  • Choosing to drive too closely to the vehicle in front leading to tailgating
  • Using a mobile phone while driving

Remember – The way you behave as a driver is influenced by your thoughts and feelings! 

This is an extremely interesting and complex subject and if you would like to LEARN MORE please refer to:

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