One of the great joys of my job is when I receive feedback from one of my students and I was especially pleased to receive this from one of my Peterborough driving students, Harrison Skinner

From the very start, John was supportive with my training and helped me develop my skills to a good standard quickly within a relaxed learning environment.
It didn’t even feel like having an instructor in the car with you as I felt I’d built up a friendship with John which helped keep my nerves to a minimum when carrying out new challenging learning.
Once you are leading up to test standard, John carries out mock tests with you which helps prepare you and develops an understanding of how to pass a driving test.
On my actual test – from past experiences on the mock tests I knew how to handle challenging areas which helped me pass my test first time with only 1 driving fault.
Overall, my experience with Denovo was fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me develop into a good driver and not only for the driving test but ready for real-world driving by myself.
Harrison Skinner