Did you know? 

The latest year to date figures 2018/2019 show a slight decrease as the overall pass rate has now fallen to 46% for the 1st time in a decade.

There is also an interesting difference between pass rates for men and women currently tracking at:

  • men 49.6 %
  • women 42.5%
  • overall pass rate 45.8%

Putting these figures into context – a million learner driver tests conducted: over half a million candidates will not be successful!

When will society/the government/the driver training industry final come to the conclusion that these figures are unacceptable and take action to address the issue?

Too many candidates being presented for test when clearly not at the required standard?

Three times in the last six years I have achieved a 100% pass rate (verified by official DVSA driving test fault analysis report forms).

As a society surely we must be championing ‘safe driving for life’ skills. Not focusing on “pass your test, with minimal training, as quickly as you can, because all your friends have already passed by their 17th birthday”.

Perhaps we should all spend more time focusing on how many people are ‘killed and seriously injured every year’.

These people are:

  • mums and dads
  • sons and daughters
  • brothers and sisters
  • aunts and uncles
  • family and friends

We at Denovo believe in SAFE DRIVING FOR LIFE!